Ataxia II


Ataxia II is a turn-based strategy game in which wizards summon monsters to battle each other. It is based on the classic ZX Spectrum game, Chaos, by Julian Gollop.

Requirements: Ataxia II runs on Windows in a 1024 x 800 window, and requires some form of graphics card.

Ataxia II is programmed by Duncan Timiney in Blitz3D. Whilst playable, development is ongoing, but close to v1.0. Progress can be tracked at the Doodleblog Wiki, and user comments can be made there.


Ataxia II v91014 (4.0 Mb, self-extracting executable)

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How to Play

Law and Chaos


Combat, Getting Hurt and Getting Away

Deafeating an enemy earns the victorious creature a fraction of an experience point (XP), of which the owning wizard earns a share. Gaining a whole XP results in the creature levelling up, increasing all of its attributes.

After a melee attack, the two combatants are engaged in combat and cannot move. Instead of attacking, a creature may attempt to withdraw (with the 'W' key).


Killing an enemy wizard causes all their creatures to disappear. To win the game, your wizard must be the last man standing.

License and Disclaimers

Ataxia II is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License (see - that is, I welcome you to alter the game and distribute as you wish as long as you credit me, and release the modified version under the same license. Credits go to:

I program as a hobby, during what little spare time I get. I look forward to your criticisms on the wiki.